Why becomean Advanced SAS® Certified Programmer?

IDC research shows SAS® as the leading technology in advanced analytics with a commanding one third of the market share. Great career opportunities in data science await SAS professionals with an intermediate salary of $90K and an experienced Data Scientist's salary well above $100K!

SAS® professionals get to work on Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, Text Analytics, and Optimization & Simulation – all different facets of Big Data Analytics. Knowledgeable SAS® professionals can set themselves apart and chart a high flying career in Data Engineering in turn helping in strategic decision making of organizations.
Advanced SAS® Certification online training is your next logical step after obtaining training in Base SAS® or earning the SAS® Certified Base Programmer credential. This will prepare you for the SAS® Certified Advanced Programmer Certification and other specialty tracks. A SAS® Certified Advanced Programmer would effectively have experience inusing advanced DATA step programming and efficiency techniques to solve complex problems, writing and interpreting SAS® programs and MACROs.

 Who should join SAS® Advanced certification?

If you have a blend of mathematical & algorithmic skills and analytical talent, being a SAS® Programmer will be a right career choice for you.

If you are a student or planning to learn programming, acquiring SAS® programming skills will position you better than your peers.

If you are a beginner level SAS® programmer, or have training / credential in Base SAS, SAS® Certified Advanced Programmer credential will enhance your career in Analytics and earning capabilities.

Prerequisites for SAS® Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS® 9

SAS® Institute Inc. stipulates that SAS®Certified Base Programmer certification is a prerequisite for taking SAS® Advanced certification exam. However to take SAS® Advanced online course, only training is Base SAS® is sufficient.
To know details about SAS Certified Base Programmer training,








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Ms. Parul Gangwar 
SAS® Certified


Parul Gangwar is a Business and Financial Analytics expert having 8 years of industry experience with organizations like iGate and Aon Hewitt. She is a certified trainer for SAS® Programming and Tableau and skilled in Financial Modelling, Decision trees, Data Mining, SQL, VB Script, UNIX and Credit Risks. She has already trained more than 500 professionals in various technologies.

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  • SAS® Certified Trainer with 8+ yrs of industry experience
  • 36 hrs of Live Online Instructor-led Online Training
  • 40 hrs of real life industry project experience
  • Access to On-demand Support by Experts
  • Completion certificate in Advanced SAS®

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At ScholarsPro, we are committed to prepare professionals for the much required transformation, enabling them to accept challenges head on, for the ever evolving, new age technologies and business models. Partner with us on your employee development goals and you can rest assured that your team is being refined by the best of industry experts.
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SchaolarsPro Corporate Training Solutions entail:

  • Customized learning delivery model (self-paced online and/or instructor-led options)
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  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • Enhanced reporting for individuals and teams

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Course Content for SAS® Programming Training

  1. Generate detail reports by working with a single table, joining tables, or using set operators in the SQL procedure
  2. Generate summary reports by working with a single table, joining tables, or using set operators in the SQL procedure
  3. Construct sub-queries and in-line views within an SQL procedure step
  4. Compare solving a problem using the SQL procedure versus using traditional SAS programming techniques
  5. Access Dictionary Tables using the SQL procedure
  1. Create and use user-defined and automatic macro variables within the SAS Macro Language
  2. Automate programs by defining and calling macros using the SAS Macro Language
  3. Understand the use of macro functions
  4. Use various system options that are available for macro debugging and displaying values of user-defined and automatic macro variables in the SAS log
  5. Create data-driven programs using SAS Macro Language
  1. Demonstrate the use of advanced data look-up techniques such as array processing, hash objects, formats, and combining/merging data
  2. Reduce computing resource requirements by controlling the space required to store SAS data sets using compression techniques, length statements, or eliminating variables and observations
  3. Develop SAS programs which incorporate data step views and use the FCMP procedure
  4. Perform effective benchmarking by using the appropriate SAS System options and interpreting the resulting resource utilization statistics
  5. Identify appropriate applications for using indexes and create them using the DATA step, the DATASETS procedure, or the SQL procedure
  6. Compare techniques to eliminate duplicate data using the DATA step, the SORT procedure, and the SQL procedure


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With large number of SAS® skilled professionals in demand, undergoing certification training can significantly improve your career opportunities and marketability. Apart from this, it enhances your credibility as a professional, assesses your knowledge of the SAS® software and earns validation for your knowledge.

There are numerous opportunities in Analytics. Starting as a Data Analyst you could assume roles of Data Scientist, Data Science Manager and up to Chief Data Officer of a large corporation.

Individuals who have earned the SAS® Certified Base Programmer credential or have taken the SAS® Base Programmer training can enroll for SAS® Advanced Programmer training. However to sit for the SAS® Certified Advanced Programmer you need to have SAS® Certified Base Programmer credential. You can get more details of the Base SAS® Certification Training Click here.

Graduates / Post graduates from Engineering, Science, MBA, MCA background with a liking for statistics who has completed the Base SAS® certification can attend this course.

You will need to have basic programming skills before taking up this course. If you have serious interest in building a career in Data Analytics and willingness to learn basic programming, you can start with our Base SAS® Certification Training.

Absolutely! There are freelancers who offer Business Analytics as a service to their clients. However you should have the credentials and develop network to convert client needs in to viable business opportunities. Certifications can help you in building credibility.

This course is meant to provide you with experience in using advanced DATA step programming and efficiency techniques to solve complex problems and writing and interpreting SAS® programs and MACROs. Data Analytics and SAS® are vast subject areas and depending on your interest and needs of your job, you could move on to specialize in multiple areas of Data Science.

SAS® Institute has a very robust and ambitious certification program spanning Foundation Tools, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Data Management, Administration and Technical Certifications for SAS® Partners. You can see more details on SAS® website.

This training helps you gain experience in using advanced DATA step programming and efficiency techniques to solve complex problems and writing and interpreting SAS® programs and MACROs. Upon completion, you will be able to implement real world scenarios where Data Analysis/Modelling techniques could be applied and independently solve those problems.

SAS® is licensed software and meant for large data analysis. The client software can be installed on your computer if you have the license. The backend component is expected to be installed on a server. However for learning purposes, there is a university edition available that is valid for three months. Our experts will help you to install this version.