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An Introduction to the ITIL Certification Levels and Career Benefits


Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is one of the most sought courses these days by the IT professionals. The reason behind the popularity of ITIL is that, the certification helps in developing a robust strategy building intelligence that helps in processing the projects with perfection. However, the ITIL certification helps you in earning an eye-catching salary package.

Furthermore, we have launched ITIL certification all from foundation level to the expert level. Let’s have a look what all you could learn in the three levels of the ITIL lifecycle modules:

ITIL Foundation Level: this is an entry level certification in which the participants tend to get familiar with the terminologies and the general awareness about the general ITIL methodology and the elements that helps the candidates in understanding and performing the IT service tasks faster and with perfection. If we see about the prerequisites of the ITIL foundation level certification; as this is an entry level training, there aren’t any hard and fast prerequisites for this course. If the participants have the understanding of the ITSM issues, it would help them for sure.

ITIL Intermediate Level: this level is for the practitioners, so to appear in the ITIL Intermediate certification exam, one must have achieved the foundation level certification. This is a concoction of various modules: SS, SO, SD, ST, CSI, RCV, OSA, etc.; the ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle is divided into two categories: Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. These divisions are further segregated into various modules.

Expert Level: this is considered as the most crucial part of the ITIL certification; this level, mainly focuses on demonstrating the intelligence of the ITIL framework. It is mandatory to earn the above mentioned certification.

Career Benefits

As the ITIL offers a business vision of the IT industry; it helps the participants in understanding the framework of the business in IT perspective. This is the reason the organizations prefer the candidates with ITIL certification above others. Let’s have a look at the approximate salary annexure of the professionals with vocational certifications: the average income of the professional with PRINCE2 certification is up to $108,200 after various years of experience and COBIT certified professionals earn $71,879. The ITIL certified candidates salary starts from $49,643 and goes up to $120,473 per annum.

After analyzing the fact that ITIL would become the most favorite of the IT industry in perspective to both employee and the employer, we have introduced the ITIL certification training with the most favorable learning environment and supervision of the experienced and expert trainers in the industry. To learn more about our ITIL course details you can visit to

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