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Cambridge Analytica – Facebook Data Scandal Cover Story: Facebook Assures Investigation on Data Harvesting


Cambridge Analytica was centered by the controversies of data breach. The UK based data analytics firm, company was accused by millions of Facbook users and the governments. The controversy puts the limelight on the relationship between the Christopher Wylie (former contractor of Cambridge Analytica) and GSR (Global Science Research).

According to Christopher Wylie the employees of the company along with the Alexander Nix (suspended CEO) targeted the US voters by using their personal Facebook account data for political advertisement without permission; the scandalous news were circulated in the social media to swing the elections globally. Moreover, the GSR designed a personality quiz app and circulated on Facebook; the application collected the not only the data of the people, who attempted the quiz, but their friends as well without their consent.

Incident Arise Question on Facebook Safety Credibility

In year 2013, a personality quiz “ThisisyourDigitalLife” was circulated on Facebook; sum around three hundred thousand Facebook users took that test which caused the blunder of data breach used for US election in favor of present president Donald Trump; this incident puts Facebook inside the frame of suspicion by both the users and the government.

The question arises “How the data from Facebook helped in the potential campaign”. The social media platform like Facebook treasures all the aspects of one’s personality, such as: the personality they like, the news they like to read, etc. the account contains all the actions and reactions of the person. The data obtained or elicited from it was efficient enough to know the political affiliation.

App Circulation for Data Harvesting

Kogan performed data harvesting act get an ample amount of data through the app. The app “ThisisyourDigitalLife” allowed him to peep into the users and linked friend’s profile. Cambridge Analytica pushed the political ads to the accounts of the voters to make the pro-Trump campaign a hit. The company targeted the people disgruntled by the economic slow-down so that they could make up their mind about voting Donald Trump.

Guardian Exploded the News

The news first came out in the year 2015 in the month of December when a reporter of Guardian covers the story of Cambridge Analytica helping the presidential campaign in the US for Ted Cruz. The procedure of campaigning was same; pushing political ads to influence the mind of the voters from the data harvested from Facebook. Facebook confirmed that Kogan’s apps were immediately banned right after learning about the leak. Facebook confirmed that they deleted the data acquired in an inappropriate manner after asking them to delete it.

Facebook Reacted on the Situation

In the answer to this accusation, Mark Zukerberg addressed the mass and assured to safeguard the information of the users. He assured to investigate the apps that accessed the account information; this was done before 2014 when the company changed its rules for the safety of user’s information. He said that the app would not be able to access the friend’s profile of the user till the time the friend give the app the consent. Later in March, 2018 Facebook announced an independent audit for Cambridge Analytica, but the auditors had to back down as the UK Information Commissioner had its own investigation to pursue.

This data Leak incident spread awareness in the social media users for sure.

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