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Factors that Impact the Salary Increment of a Data Scientist


Inquisitive to know what are the factors that could help you in increasing your salary package? Let’s  discuss it in details: we all know that Data Science jobs are listed amongst the highest paid jobs around the globe. According to the recent survey, there is a strong correlation in getting an eye-catching perk and having the skill-set like: Python, Unix and Spark. Having these skill sets would help you with being in the limelight in the organization, but there are other factors that equally affect the income graph.

Geographical Outline

Even though, you have mastered the demanded skill-sets of Data Science, the place where you work affects your income. The salary of a Data Scientist having the same skills earns more in the USA than in Asia; the salary of a data scientist goes up to $150,000 and here in India they get Rs.620,244 per year.

Update Yourself with Advanced Skill-sets

Bundles of technologies and techniques are being launched every day to make the previous one smart. Not having the knowledge of the advanced skill-set would draw you back in the line of good salary even in the job search the organizations prefer the candidate with vocational certification, thus, if you do not want to become the next one in line of ordinary candidate go get trained on the cutting-edge technologies that are in-trend in the Data Science industry.

Skills Directly Proporsonal to Salary

If you are an observant, you must have a look at the survey results of O’Reilly, year 2016; it says that R and Python are listed amongst the most used tools in the data analytics industry, but there are others that could get you a good salary hike eg. Scala. Other than these there are various BI tools that help in business improvement and the organization prefers the candidates enriched with it. Having the knowledge of these technologies would be beneficial for a salary hike. It is always important to know something more to stand out of the crowd.

Moreover, salary increases according to the performance and experience in the industry. So, get yourself upgraded on the trendiest tools and you will get the chance to work at the most happening places around the globe with an eye-catching salary package.

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