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ScholarsPro Allied with Coca Cola Focuses on the Importance of Tactical Usage of Financial Modeling for Accurate Financial Performance


Financial modeling plays a vital role in the strategic health of an organization. Financial modeling allows managers to look at financial numbers more strategically & make robust valuation & other corporate finance decisions. Finance managers do have the ability to manage large amounts of financial data but this course allows them to help structure such analysis better & make meaningful strategic decisions for the business.

ScholarsPro teamed up with Coca Cola to throw some light on the importance of financial
modeling in decision making for the enhancement of the business. The training was held in
Dubai, UAE where the trainees learnt the facts that surely would help them in executing the
plan that would benefit the business. The trainer introduced the trainees to the advanced
charting techniques, the advanced financial applications, use of excel for model preparation,
etc. Moreover, the training focuses on the characteristics and objectives of Financial Modeling
as well.

The corporate training was enriched with the tips about implementing the advanced tools to
present the economic chart for a business entity; which gives a clear vision for preparing the
capital structure. Focusing on the utilization of the financial modeling intelligence, the trainer
threw light on the topics such as: how to analyze the quality of earnings, simulating scenarios of
the financial events, forecasting the cash flow, etc.

We received tons of appreciation from the team Coca Cola for providing such an interactive
training session. The trainer was the concoction of expertise and experience; he explained
various real time scenarios and helped them in understanding the intricacies of the Financial
Modeling and how to resolve them efficiently. He dragged the attention of the trainees on the
usage of the tools and technologies to give a clear and crisp end result to identify the business
risks and resolve them in a cost efficient manner.

We believe in imparting qualitative training so that both the organization and the individuals
would get benefited. Moreover, ScholarsPro comes up with the team of trainers, who can help
you in learning the tactful use of the technology to present a satisfactory end result in the
industry. Click here to get in touch with us.

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