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Jaydeep has 11+ years of experience in building analytical solutions & digital strategy for large organization. He has helped over 30 global organizations transform their business using analytics across retail, banks, NGOs, DTH, Telecom & CPG. He has rich experience of conducting analytics training for over 4000 hours in the last 5 years. He has conducted classroom training and online training in India & abroad, where he has consistently recorded very high training feedback ratings. He is the winner of Dunnhumby India Hackathon & several other international data science competition.

key features

  • World Economic Forum report predicted that by 2025 ten percent of global GDP will be stored on blockchain-related technology
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation aims to use blockchain technology to help the two billion people worldwide who lack bank accounts
  • The average pay stands at $63,566 per year -
  • Avg. Salary for Blockchain Developer: $98,985 PA.
  • Used by top industries across various business Verticals. Ex: Sofocle Technologies, Trestor, MindDeft Technologies etc.

Course Overview

Blockchain is one of the most powerful software platforms available today for management of digital assets. It is the core infrastructure for a popular cryptocurrency called Bitcoin.  Besides bitcoin, it is also used for a wide variety of applications such as tracking ownership, physical assets, and voting rights, among others. Blockchain has got immense potential to stay in demand for the years to come, and as such offer some really great career opportunities as well.

This Certification Training Course on Blockchain by ScholarsPro is a prudently designed online preparation course to help you attain deep insights into the concept of Blockchain and Bitcoin. Equipped with hands-on exercises, case studies, and practical assignments, this course offers an interesting, interactive way to effectively learn about the powerful Blockchain technology and its applications. The course will provide you a detailed walk through the concepts of Cryptocurrency and Networking, Bitcoin Mining, Ethereum, Private Blockchain Environment and Blockchain Prospects. Comprising of 21 hours of high quality, focused content, ScholarsPro’s Blockchain training course aims at delivering you with practical working knowledge of the Blockchain technology, enabling you to take up and deliver Blockchain projects efficiently and successfully. 

Who should join Blockchain Certification Training?

Ideally Intended For:

  • Anyone with basic programming knowledge, willing to learn Blockchain technology
  • Students aspiring to make a career in Blockchain technologies
  • Professionals who want to gain a strong foothold on Blockchain concepts so as to leverage the same for their career advancement

Pre-requisites/Eligibility Criteria

Participants should possess at least some development experience with an object oriented language. Besides, knowledge of networking fundamentals would be additionally beneficial for easy understanding of the concepts.

Course Contents

Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Networking Concepts
  • Transformation in tradingunits
  • Cryptography andCrypto-currency
  • Anonymity and Pseudonymity incryptocurrencies
  • DigitalSignatures
  • Cryptocurrency Hashcodes
  • Peer to peer networks (structured andunstructured)
Hands On:
  • Demonstrating hashcodes
  • Create your owncryptocurrency
Overview of Blockchain
  • Introduction toBlockchain.
  • Why Blockchain iscrucial?
  • Key vocabulary while discussingBlockchain
  • DistinctionbetweendatabasesandBlockchain
  • Explaining DistributedLedger
  • BlockchainEcosystem
  • BlockchainStructure
  • Working of BlockchainTechnology
  • Permissioned and permission-lessBlockchain
Hands On:
  • Demonstrating valid and invalidtransaction
  • DemonstratingBlockchain
Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Bitcoin and itsHistory
  • Why useBitcoins?
  • Where and how to buyBitcoins
  • How to storeBitcoins?
  • How and where to spendBitcoins?
  • SellingBitcoins
  • Bitcointransactions
  • How Bitcoin transactionswork
  • What happens in case of invalidtransactions
  • Parameters that invalidate thetransactions
  • Scripting language inBitcoin
  • Applications of BitcoinScript
  • Nodes and Network ofBitcoin
  • Various roles you can play in BitcoinEcosystem
Hands On:
  • Setting up Bitcoinwallet
  • Creating a paperwallet
  • Transaction tracking ofbitcoin
Bitcoin mining
  • Purpose ofMining
  • Algorithm used inMining
  • MiningHardware
  • How Bitcoin MiningWorks?
  • Bitcoin MiningPools
  • How Cloud Mining of BitcoinWorks?
  • MiningIncentives
  • Security andCentralizations
Hands On:
  • Installing Bitcoin MiningSoftware
  • Mining Bitcoin on yourPC
  • What isEthereum?
  • What isEther?
  • How to useEthereum?
  • The Ethereum ecosystem, DApps andDAOs
  • How Ethereum miningworks
  • LearningSolidity
    • Contract classes, Functions andconditionals
    • Inheritance & abstractcontracts
    • Libraries
    • Types &Optimization
    • GlobalVariables
    • Debugging
  • Future ofEthereum
Setting up Private Blockchain Environment using Ethereum Platform
  • Private and PublicBlockchain
  • Various Blockchain SetupPlatforms
  • Using Ethereum to Setup PrivateBlockchain
  • Steps to build a Blockchainsolution.
  • Smart contract onEthereum
  • Compile,deployandinstantiatecontracts
  • Configuring, running and working with thego-Ethereum client
  • Account management andmining
  • Understandthedifferentstagesofacontractdeployment
  • How to interact with a contract oncedeployed?
Hands On:
  • Installing Ethereumsoftware
  • Setting upservers
  • Creating BlockchainEnvironment
  • Mining ofEther
  • Sending ofEther
  • Tracking information usinghash
  • ViewingInformationaboutblocksinBlockchain.
  • Developing smart contract on privateBlockchain
  • Deploying contract from web andconsole
Prospects of the Blockchain
  • Blockchain prospering ourworld
  • Blockchain transforming businessand professionalism
  • Discussing practical use-cases ofBlockchain
    • How can we take Aadhaar Card on Blockchain?
    • How Blockchain can be used to removecorruption
  • Real case scenarios ofBlockchain
    • Blockchain in Bankingsystem
    • Blockchain in LandRegistry
    • Blockchain in CapitalMarket
  • Use cases forGovt.
  • Summary of thecourse

Building a private banking system using Blockchain with various nodes and accounts


Are there any specific system requirements for the Blockchain course?

Yes! You would require Intel i3 processor or above, minimum 8GB RAM and 50 GB HDD Storage. Besides this, the latest version of Chrome / Mozilla with firebug, and NodeJs, Npm will also be required.

How the practical sessions will be executed?

You’ll be assisted to install and setup a virtual machine with CentOS as the client. We’ll be providing you with detailed installation guides where you’ll get to learn about how to set up the environment. Besides, our support team will be throughout available on phone, mail, and the live chat window to guide you as and when required.

What is the total duration of the course?

Our Blockchain certification training course comprises of 21 hours of quality learning, spanning over approximately 7 sessions of 3 hours each.

What all will I learn upon taking up this Blockchain certification training course?
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Networking Concepts
  • Overview of Blockchain
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Ethereum
  • Setting up Private Blockchain Environment using Ethereum Platform
  • Prospects of the Blockchain
Will I receive any certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes! You will be provided with a Course Completion Certificate in Blockchain from ScholarsPro upon your successful attainment of the course.

I would want to know more about the program before arriving at any decision. Whomdo I contact?

You can connect with us over phone, e-mail or through Live Chat for any kind of assistance and we’ll see to it that you do get thorough guidance and support on all your queries.

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Santosh Nayak
Santosh Nayak Infrastructure Project Manager
HCL, Singapore

Excellent learning center for management and technical trainings. ScholarsPro’s training would be the first step for a career change. Materials and online training videos are great – you can upgrade your skills without attending face to face session. Good work from the company. I have been attending the training from 2014. Recently I have taken PMP training. I feel ScholarsPro is my place to upgrade my career.

Yusran Ariffin
Yusran Ariffin Project Lead
TRX City Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

It’s a good place to learn, mainly the learning guidance is great. The course material provided is good, one can understand the codes and technical aspects well.  It is one the best platform to learn and get ahead, I enrolled for PMP self-paced and I am able to understand the concepts, also the learning support  is very good, they are always available to help and are prompt in returning your call, the consultants have deep knowledge, they guide you in the best possible way, thanks ScholarsPro!

Rajat Developer
HCL Technologies (India)

My Hadoop training with Scholarspro was what I was looking for. Wonderful experience and I will recommend to others too.

Anjana Sudaresan
Anjana Sudaresan Student
Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy

Very good training to help improve our skills.  Good course material and structured modules for learning R. Wonderful experience!

Manisha Vatsayam
Manisha Vatsayam Business Development Manager
ICRI, India

It was wonderful getting trained in Digital Marketing from SchoalrsPro. The trainer had a lot of knowledge in which will be very helpful in my work and career.

Ritesh Garg
Ritesh Garg Vice President
ELI, India

I am very impressed with teaching skills and knowledge of the trainer for PRINCE2. Thanks to the trainer and Scholars Team for proving such a good environment to learn.

Sanjeev Sharma
Sanjeev Sharma Manager
Evalueserve, India

The course curriculum, study material and classes for Business Analytics course were very helpful in terms of knowledge and exposure about the Business Analytics profile. The faculty was also very helpful and very knowledgeable.

Satyajeet Sharma
Satyajeet Sharma Manager
AGS Transact Technologies Ltd., India

My experience was good as the trainer of PRINCE2 was very enthusiastic, answered all my queries in depth & also provided useful pointers for exams & real life scenarios. Thanks a lot to the trainer & ScholarsPro Team

DineshKumar Lal
DineshKumar Lal Senior Project Engineer
Rotary Engineering Limited, Singapore

Courses offered by ScholarsPro have been very helpful in keeping myself updated with the best practices in the industry. Video quality is good; simulation tests are very helpful to confirming the understanding. People in the customer services team have been very helpful and been able to handle requests without much escalation. Thanks for a short extension to help me complete my PMP session. Much appreciated!

Tapadhir Manager
Janalaxmi Financials, India

Very much impressed by the teaching style and delivery of the course of PMP by ScholarsPro. Thank you for providing me a platform for my future growth.

Sanjay Sinha
Sanjay Sinha Secretary
ICAS, India

SchoalrsPro good place to learn R through online course. Great environment and very nice faculty. All the best!

Sanchita Dey
Sanchita Dey Senior Manager
Hewlett Packard, India
Satisfied with the content and pattern of teaching online. Thank you ScholarsPro for my certification in PMP with you. Knowledgeable professor with full understanding.
Nipun Raj
Nipun Raj Nipun Raj
Reliance Capital, India

My experience is very good with ScholarsPro. Trainer of Digital Marketing is very much supportive and knowledgeable.

Manish Assistant Manager
Barclays Bank, India

Incredible Trainer! I have been trying to learn SAS since 1 month on my own. Everything got jumbled up. Thanks to the trainer – just one session straightened my thoughts.

Amit Kumar Singh
Amit Kumar Singh Software Development Engineer
Allegis Services, India

I would like to thank you for your support. I enjoyed your Hadoop classes.

Kuldeep Walia
Kuldeep Walia Self-employed (IT Sector)

I am very impressed with teaching skills & knowledge of PRINCE2 trainer. Thanks to him & ScholarsPro

Ayush Sethi
Ayush Sethi
Evalueserve, India

First of all I would like to thank you for teaching some really good things in SAS. I found Macros the best part during the training (Proc Sql and Base SAS I had studied earlier as well). The content of the training was very good. I will try my best to take some time out of my working hours and practice on SAS.

Bhavna Singh
Bhavna Singh Market development SE Snapdeal

Great learning by the trainer ,satisfied with the delivery of content

Baljinder sachdeva
Baljinder sachdeva Marketing head
IVF fertility centre

Great learning by the trainer ,satisfied with the delivery of content.

Helly shah
Helly shah Content writer

Digital marketing course by scholars helps me to gain knowledge in the field of marketing,Trainer was very nice and adjustable ...

Diksha thakur
Diksha thakur Student NMIMS

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Aayush bhardwaj Student NMIMS

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