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Jaydeep Chakraborty
Jaydeep Chakraborty
(Certifications: R, SAS, Python & Excel)


Jaydeep is an innovator and creator, who has emerged as a differentiated analytics consulting & ScholarsPro. Focusing on his experience, he has gained 11+ years of experience in creating the analytical solutions along with digital strategy for the organizations. He has been involved in helping over 30 MNCs in transforming business using analytics across banks, DTH, Retails, Telecom & CPG. Bringing the technology expertise, analytics understanding & domain knowledge is his key strength which drives business results from small teams. He has expertise in customer and marketing analytics, Loyalty and campaign management, HR analytics, Category and Spend Management, Digital Strategy and Roadmap. His rich training and industry experience helps the praticipants in learning the hacks for resolving real time industry issues.

Course Benefits

  • Get a chance to explore, analyse and also resolve the Marketing Problems using Analytics Tools like R & Advanced
  • You can enhance your CV and provide recognition and enhancement to it
  • Upgrade your biz card with Hallmark of Global Credential-CMAP Professional that is being added next to your name
  • Develop an understanding on the analytics-based marketing to drive ROI for various Marketing Campaigns
  • Learn about all the “How and What” aspects of Data collection
  • Learn to identify the obstacles that are hampering your marketing campaigns
  • Learn to develop the goal oriented strategies for a successful marketing campaign
  • Understand the affinity of the products through analyzing the transaction Data

Why to Join?

The most renowned organizations around the world wants to hire certified Marketing Analytics professionals as they have the vision to analyze the market risks that is important for organization’s economical growth. Nowadays, the job of the Marketing Analytics Practitioner is listed amongst the top ten hottest jobs around the globe because of the eye catching salary package and opportunity to work all over the world. 
Through this Certified Marketing Analytics Practitioner training you would be able to enhance your knowledge on Decision Tree, Market Basket Analytics, Linear Regression and more that will help you in analyzing and resolving the issues related to Data Analytics. However, achieving the certification on Certified Marketing Analytics Practitioner (CMAP) could add advantage to your CV and the ability to support a startup with your skill of high ROI marketing campaign. 
Being backed by the hands-on sessions you will get introduced to the real time industry based situations and get the mentorship on resolving the issues as well. Furthermore, this training insight you on how to integrate, access or analyze customer data via multiple resources and engage them in real time. In short, this training would be the most impeccable step for your career in Analytics with Marketing analytics background. 

Who should join
Certified Marketing Analytics Practitioner Training?

  • This course is suitable for the Marketing Managers, Product Line Managers and Marketing Practitioners
  • Customer Relationship Managers, Retail Banking Managers and Advertising and PR Agency Executives should join this training as well.
  • Managers in Sales and Promotion, who are responsible for services marketing would also be benefited by this course

Prerequisites for this Course

There is no such mandatory prerequisite defined for this course.

Course Contents

Introduction to Analytics
  • Analysis vs Analytics
  • Overview of Marketing Analytics
  • Know the Domains lies within Analytics
  • About Data Treatments
  • What is Data Collection?
  • What is Data Dictionary
  • Know about Outlier Treatment
  • Slicing and Dicing the Marketing Data with the Pivot Tables
  • Creating outline for Marketing Data by using 
  • Charts in MS Excel
  • Functions of MS Excel
  • An Overview of R Programming
  • Understand the fundaments of Data Management
  • Learn the basic methods: Stastistics and Graphs
An Overview of Data and Analytics
  • Understand what is Analytics
  • Learn about the types of Analytics
  • Know how and why marketing meets Analytics
  • Understand why organizations use Marketing Analytics
Learn about Linear Regression
  • An overview of Linear Regression
  • Understand the Best fit line – regression
  • Concepts of Uni-variate analysis and Bi-variate analysis
  • Understand the concepts of R-square and Adjusted R-square
  • Understand the use of Linear Equation and significant variables
  • Presumption of Linear Regression
  • Performing test for Multi-collinearity
  • Understand the Heteroskedasticity


Learn about Logistic Regression
  • Get familiar with business issues and the classification techniques
  • get introduced to the Logistic Regression Models
  • Logistic vs. Linear models
  • What is Odd Ratio?
  • Know about the probablities of the events
  • Know the application of the Logistic regression models
  • Generalizing the Linear models using R
  • Shortling the significant variables
  • The Test vs. Train data sets
  • Understand how to vadidate the model – Confusion matrix
  • Give the business recommendations and evaluate model
Understand the concepts of Decission Tree
  • Understand the fundamentals of Decision Tree
  • Know about the Decission Tree Applications and the industry examples
  • Learn about the kinds of Decision Tree ( CART & CHAID )
  • Splitting the Algorithms
  • Choosing the Best Split
  • Codes in Decission Tree
What is Clustering?
  • given set of customer baseLearn about the Marketing analytics and unsupervised techniques
  • Why and Where to use the Clustering
  • The methods and examples of Clustering
  • About K-means Clustering Algorithm
  • Identifying different marketing campaigns for each cluster by the given set of customer base
  • Performing K- means using the R code
Concepts of Market Basket Analytics
  • Fundamentals of the Market Basket Analytics
  • Kanow about the Applications
  • Understand the Algorithms
  • Learn the use of R-Code
A Frameworl to Solve the case Studies
  • Learn about CRISP – DM and other recognised frameworks


Does Marketing Analytics certification provide any help in career growth?

Yes, this course gives you in-depth insight and a chance to explore and analyze the market issues and resolve them using the advanced tools of analytics like R and excel. You will develop a vision to handle the organizational situations and market risks efficiently. Nevertheless, this training will help you to grow as a perfectionist, which helps you grow in your organization or get a better job opportunity with a handsome salary package.

Do I need to have any sort of certification or certain skill set to attend this course?

No, anyone willing to make their career in the field of marketing, CRM, sales and promotion could join this course. No matter experience or not this course will benefit all.

What else I could get in this training?

This training has been designed to make you well versed on the marketing analytics ethics not only theoretically, but practically. However, it consists industry based projects to practice what you have learned. Other than this, you would get the access to the modules and 24/7 expert support via email. 

How do I get benefited with certified Marketing Analytics Practitioner course?

This training has been designed under the supervision of industry experts which helps you to develop intelligence on the aspects of Data collection, implementing advanced marketing analytics tools, and  a lot more that would surely help you in making marketing strategies. The training will add an advantage to your CV and help you fetch good job opportunities.

If I want to learn more about this course, whom should I contact?

You can write us at info@scholarspro.com or you could make a call at the number given on the website (relevant to your country).

Could I get the highlights of what all I would learn through this course?

In this course you would get introduced to the concepts of Data and Analytics, Clustering, Decission Tree, learning on Linear and Logistic Regression, Market Basket Analytics and a Frameworl to Solve the case Studies along with the practice sets to gain perfection on what you have learned.

What if I still have doubts after completing this training?

We provide you the video sessions of the training and you could retake the training as well. Other than this We offer various doubt clearing sessions where you would be able to clear all your doubts about the subject matter.

What is the eligibility criteria to attend this Certified Marketing Analytics Practitioner training?

There isn’t are prerequisite set for this training, anyone wish to flourish their career in the field of marketing or sales could join this training for a better insight for resolving real time company issues  using advanced analytical tools.

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