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Why Attend

Machine Learning Bundle Course?

Machine Learning is basically the study of pattern recognition and prediction within the field of computer science. It is a data analysis method that automates analytical model building. Self-driving cars, effective web search, enhanced understanding of the human genome, etc. are all a gift of the concept of Machine Learning only. It is an extremely trending field that has got a lot of potential for building a lucrative career
We offer Machine Learning bundle training comprising 10 different courses. This elaborated course consists of 406 lectures delivered in 63.5 hours. The modules focus on imparting hands-on knowledge on the Machine Learning facts, that help in dealing with the real time industry based scenarios. 

Who should join Machine Learning and AI Masters Program Certification?

  • This course is ideal for the individuals having the urge to learn more about Machine Learning and know the basic concepts of Machine Learning such as: linear and logistic regression. 
  • Anyone who wish to build a career in Data Science
  • Individuals willing to learn the application of Machine Learning on datasets
  • Professionals willing to scale up to the level of Data Scientists or further
  • Anyone willing to add value to their businesses by employing the powerful Machine Learning tools
Not sure if the Machine Learning Bundle Training is beneficial for your profile? Let us help! Share your detailed resume along with your contact details at info@scholarspro.com, and we will get back to you with clarifications on all your queries.

Prerequisites for Machine Learning Bundle Training

Apart from the knowledge of high school mathematics, computer along with internet connection there isn’t any mandatory prerequisite for this course.

Learning Path

Comprising of 64 lectures and 11 hours of content, this course will provide you deep insights into the field of machine learning, while teaching you how to apply these techniques to quantitative trading. You will learn how to build financial models using Python libraries that can assist in making well informed investing decisions.

Course Curriculum

This course will introduce you to the working of R programming language and its applications to data science. Spanning over 82 lectures with 9 hours of high quality, focused content, the course begins with providing you a basic understanding of the statistical principles like mean, median, range, etc., and then moves to datatypes and data structures in R, vectors, arrays, matrices, and more. You’ll gain good understanding of Linear Regression in Excel and R, and will learn how to visualize data in R by making use of various charts and graphs.

Course Curriculum

Learn about the most intuitive and effective Machine Learning techniques of decision trees and random forests and find out how to better predict outcomes from a selected input using the same. Comprising of 19 lectures and 4.5 hours of content, this course will enable you to understand how to design and implement a decision tree for predicting possibilities, how to identify use cases, and how to use source code to create decision trees and random forests. Learn about the risks of overfitting and how they can be overcome using random forests.

Course Curriculum

Gain expertise in the field of Sentiment Analysis, one of the key components of Machine Learning, which is used to extract subjective information like positive/negative, like/dislike, emotional reactions, etc.to solve specific problems using Sentiment Analysis. Identify why Sentiment Analysis is an important area to learn about, and what is the right approach to solve specific problems using Sentiment Analysis and Python.

Course Curriculum

Comprising of 38 lectures spanning over the duration of 8.5, this course will take you deeper into the concept of Machine Learning, and will help you get a clear idea about how to put Machine Learning and Python into action. You can learn how to use hundreds of line code that to with comments. After the training you could implement the natural language processing as well as the Machine Learning for the text summarization and the text classification in Python. 

Course Curriculum

Delve into learning the popular and vastly used programming language Python in this comprehensive course comprising of 54 lectures and over 10.5 hours of content. You’ll learn how to write Python codes, how to manipulate data and automate manual work, how to scrape websites using Beautiful Soup, and a lot more. Through the modules you will gain expertise on the machine learning techniques, such as: sk-learn and using the tools for text processing. The course aims to impart hands-on training to strengthen your knowledge with the help of drills and practical exercises. 

Course Curriculum

Get hands-on understanding on how to create various types of recommendation systems using Python. Comprising of 20 lectures and 4.5 hours of high quality content, this course serves as a power packed platform to earn deep rooted knowledge of working on recommendation systems, and take you ahead on your way to a rewarding career. You’ll learn how to build Recommendation Engines that use content based filtering to find products that are most relevant to the users. Know about Collaborative Filtering and neighborhood models such as Euclidean Distance, Pearson Correlation, and Cosine.

Course Curriculum

Know and understand about the concept and the central theory of Deep Learning, which is a branch of Machine Learning that offers solutions for processing high-dimensional data generated by Computer Vision. This course which is over 9 lectures long, will enable you to gain deep insights into the complex world of Computer Vision and artificial neural networks. You’ll learn about digit recognition and use-cases for Computer Vision and Deep Learning. By the end you’ll complete this course, you would have attained strong knowledge about the key principles and concepts of Machine Learning.

Course Curriculum

This course, comprising of 35 lectures and over 7 hours of highly focused content, provides the perfect platform to get in-depth understanding of Java programming language, and will enable you to master object-oriented programming. Go through the mechanics of object-oriented programming, including access modifiers, dynamic dispatch, and more. Learn about how to organize information within packages and jars, and delve deeper into the underlying principles of object-oriented programming like encapsulation, abstraction & polymorphism. By the end of the course, you’ll be an expert in carrying out Java object-oriented programming easily and efficiently.

Course Curriculum

This elaborated course consists of 71 lectures of 13 hours; the modules aim to impart training on managing and processing large amount of data using Hadoop and MapReduce. You will get to know about setting up your own Hadoop cluster, utilizing virtual machines and cloud. This course also introduces you with HDFS and YARN. You will learn how to sort large amount of data by sampling input files, and make you learn how you can write your own customized partitioner. 

Course Curriculum



There are no mandatory prerequisites as such for taking up our Machine Learning Bundle program. High school level knowledge of mathematics, an internet connection, and basic computer knowledge would be ideally enough to start off with the course.


Our Machine Learning bundle training course comprises of 406 lessons spanning over approximately 63.5 Hours of course content.


This elaborative training program on machine learning is an interactive, hands-on training course that has been specifically designed with the motive of enabling the participants to gain thorough, transparent understanding of Machine Learning and its applications. Delivered by an international expert with years of experience in the industry, this program will provide you the perfect platform to gain expertise on Machine Learning, so that you can go ahead and take on a rewarding career in the domain of data science and data analytics.

Our Machine Learning bundle training program comprises of ten (10) different courses that will equip you with thorough knowledge of various aspects of machine learning, basically covering:
  • How to Integrate Machine Learning into Your Investment Strategies
  • Using Real-Life Examples & Case Studies to Understand the R Programming Language
  • Mass Data Processing Methods by Using the Leading Data Frameworks
  • Conquering Java Object-Oriented Programming
  • How to put Machine Learning techniques into action
  • How to use Python and Twitter API to build your own Sentiment Analyzer
  • Intuitive Machine Learning Techniques
  • Discover Core Machine Learning Concepts
  • How to build an Artificial Neural Network
  • Understand how online recommendations work by building a movie app
  • Learn about the popular, powerful Python programming language

The program is intended for individuals who wish to explore the power and the potential hidden in the field of machine learning. The program is a very good platform for anyone willing to make a sturdy career in the field of data science and data analytics, and want to gain strong hold of the underlying principles, concepts, and applications of machine learning.


Yes! You will be provided with a Course Completion Certificate in Machine Learning from ScholarsPro upon your successful attainment of the course.


You can connect with us over phone, e-mail or through Live Chat for any kind of assistance and we’ll see to it that you do get thorough guidance and support on all your queries.

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