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Is this Course for You?

This course doesn’t presume that you are from a programming or mathematical or statistical background, However, by nature, the subject will get somewhat technical when we discuss model building. In general, we have tried to minimize the maths & statistics while helping you appreciate the concepts. Similarly, we will show programming to help you realize the steps to building solutions & output of different steps. The focus will be more on the interpretation of the output. You will find this course helpful if you are already working with data or taking business decisions

What skills you will need to succeed as an analytics translator?

Business Managers as Analytics Translators

Data Scientists alone are not enough as

  • Even though they are good at solving analytics problem, they lack business understanding
  • They struggle in what problems to pick & how to prioritize
  • They fail to communicate to inspire action

Need of Business Managers to act as Analytics Translators

  • To help organizations incorporate data-driven insights into dayto-day business processes
  • To lead the identification & prioritization of opportunities where advanced analytics can make a difference

Introducing Analytics Translator Process Model (ATPM)

For each ATPM element, you will –

  • Learn the concepts & frameworks
  • See examples & cases to further your understanding
  • Perform hands-on exercise & group activities to gain confidence

Program Modules

  • Setting the context of the program
  • Get familiar with fundamentals
  • Defining the framework
  • Introducing the Analytical Problem
  • Learn Logic Trees
  • Defining the Logic Trees for the analytical problem
  • Defining the 5-I Framework
  • Accessing the data requirement
  • Investigating the collection process
  • Inspecting, Improving, and Integrating
  • Defining actionable metrics
  • Familiarizing with descriptive analysis toolkit
  • How to measure the impact?
  • Realising the pitfalls
  • Get familiar with Train of Thought Analysis
  • Understanding significance analysis tool
  • Understanding the need for predictive model building
  • Mapping predictive modeling techniques to business cases
  • Pitfalls of Predictive Modeling
  • Get familiar with data-led storytelling framework
  • Understanding design principles
  • Experiencing data visualization in action
  • Exploring the last mile framework
  • Implement the major analytical problem for the course



Jaydeep Chakraborty
Director and Academic Head

An innovator and creator at heart. Co-Founder of ScholarsPro an analytics training company. His key strength is his ability to bring together technical expertise, analytics understanding & domain knowledge to drive business results from small teams. He is a passionate analytics trainer who specializes in setting up analytics, demonstrating value & transforming decision-making process across large organizations. Leads the academic ecosystem comprising of experts, mentors

Nishant Srivastava

A B.tech and MBA, Nishant has almost 9 years of experience on working and managing data driven projects from scratch. He has extensive consulting experience in the field of analytics and has worked on consulting assignments for some of the major players in telecom domain.

Prateeek Rajvanshi

An engineer & MBA from top colleges in India. He has lead financial analytics team in top banks of the world. He brings his indepth understanding of the domain and his passion for teaching.

Shishir Pal

An engineer and management graduate with 6+ years of experience in management consulting and Data Science. He has helped many Fortune 500 companies across industries like FMCG, Retail, Alcohol & Beverages and Agrochemical by solving complex business problems through Data Science and Machine Learning.

Manish Sharma

A graduate from IIT Chennai has a heart of a researcher. He loves to tinker with deep learning and AI. While working for top consulting firms in the world he has helped several Fortune 100 companies.


Get recognized! Upon successful completion of the program, We provide two levels of certification:

Participation Certificate

Participation certificate on attaining up to 60% marks in assessments

Merit Certificate

Program completion certificate on attaining more than 60% marks in the assessments along with 1-year access to online material

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