Why learnHR Analytics?

As per Deloitte survey, 75 percent of the organizations believe that using HR analytics is critical for organizations of the future. With a median annual salary of $80K and senior professionals earning up to $100K, HR analytics careers are on the rise!

HR analytics is considered as one area where organizations have a significant capability gap across the board. It is estimated that around 80 percent of the current HR workforce do not have the required analytics skills to analyze this increasingly data-driven area. As the power of analytics is changing businesses, understanding all dimensions of the workforce is critical for gaining competitive advantage.
After undergoing this HR Analytics Course, you will be able to acknowledge industry real world stories on HR data analysis and independently solve the business challenges. Armed with the power of data analytics applied to harness human talent, one can be assured of high flying careers in the HR areas of employee engagement, leadership, learning and recruitment.

Who should join HR Analytics Course?

Graduates / Post graduates and professionals who want to build their career in HR domain should consider this course.

Professionals already working in the HR domain in employee engagement, developing leadership talent, learning development and talent / recruitment will benefit immensely by undergoing this course.

Prerequisites for HR Analytics Course

It is expected that you have basic computer skills and understanding of basic statistical concepts to derive best benefits from this course.








Abhishek Trehan
(CAP® Certified, SAS® Certified Base Programmer, Six Sigma Black Belt Certified)


Abhishek has 11 years of experience in Analytics, Consulting & Strategy, Project Management, Service Delivery, Team Management and Quality Management. He is Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) from INFORMS, SAS Certified Base Programmer, Six Sigma Black Belt Certified and Data Mining & Business Analytics from Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore. Abhishek is an expert in Business Problem Framing, Analytics Problem Framing, Data & Methodology Selection, Model Building and Deployment and has comprehensive experience in  carrying out statistical analysis on R, SAS, Python and Excel. Abhishek has rich Training & Development since he is associated as Data & Business Analytics Visiting Faculty at various top management and Analytics learning institutes.

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  • 24 hrs  of Live Instructor-led Online Training
  • Certified Trainer with 11+ yrs of industry experience
  • Hands-on experience in data manipulation, statistical analysis
  • 6 Months LMS Access
  • Access to On-Demand Support by Experts
  • Completion Certificate in HR Analytics

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Course Content for HR Analytics Online Training 

  1. The Role of Analytics in Human Resource
  2. An Overview of HR Regulations and Reporting Requirements
  1. Introduction to HRMS/HRIS
  2. Analytics Tools and Techniques for HR Professionals
  1. HR Analytics- Hands on Training
  2. Predictive Analytics
  1. Creating business understanding for HR initiatives
  2. Using the Analytics Process Model
  3. Forecasting budget numbers for HR cost
  4. Predictive modeling in HR
  1. HR measurement
  2. Effectively Presenting HR Data
  1. Case studies
  2. Practical Hands-on Exercises


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If you have a keen interest for Human Resources development and associated subjects, this course can help you. These are early stages of analytics adoption in HR and this field is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years primarily in the areas of employee engagement, retention, talent hiring, learning and leadership.

This course is intended for people just like you. Application of analytics is slated to be heavily used in multiple aspects of HR. Knowing and applying analytics tools to your HR problems can significantly improve the ROI on HR related investments your organization is making. Being in the forefront on this, your career can surely be on the rise.

It is expected that you have basic computer skills and understanding of basic statistical concepts to derive best benefits from this course.

This course is primarily meant for analytics careers specific for HR. However the underlying technologies for data analytics and business intelligence are same. With good understanding of any target domain, you could adapt and apply your skills in HR analytics and jump to another data analytics area outside of HR as well.

HR is a vast area and providing a short answer may not suffice. Depending on your interest, you can specialize in analytics in HR areas of talent retention / hiring, learning development, employee engagement, or leadership development. After enough experience, you could move to general management careers as well.

With the sheer variety and importance of HR, this is treated as a separate discipline. While the underlying technologies may be the same, real life scenarios and case studies are tuned to the needs of HR area. The demand from the industry also is factored in devising a course that is specifically addressing human resources development.

You will be able to acknowledge industry real world stories on HR data analysis and independently solve the business challenges.

Here are a few areas that could benefit, though the list is not exhaustive

  • In Talent Hiring, analytics could be used to identify the most qualified person for a specific position from a large pool of resumes.
  • In forecasting recruitment needs, analytics could be used to project workforce requirements and decide the approach to use to fill those positions.
  • Identify elements that help greater employee satisfaction.
  • Identify key reasons for employee attrition and identify key human resources that could potentially leave the organization.
  • Develop effective learning and career development strategies

Absolutely! In organizations with significantly large employee base, large amounts of structured and unstructured employee data get generated every day. There is an increasing need to derive insights from this large pool of data to enable the organization to remain nimble and competitive in the market.

We offer multiple certification courses in Big Data Analytics. Here are some of the courses you could consider, though none of them are aimed specifically at HR alone.