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Our Machine Learning & AI using python program will help you succeed

Comprehensive curriculum

Learn Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, NLP, Tensor Flow, Keras, Python

Choose your format

Learn throughout 3 days weekend training program

Hands-on exposure

30+ hours of ML, AI learning and 6 real life projects make you industry ready

Capstone project

Work on an application-oriented industry project to develop the acumen to solve real-life business problems

Separate doubt clearing sessions

5 hours of doubt clearing session from our industrial experts

Course Content

Objective- To introduce the audience with some basic concepts of python

  • Fundamentals: How to install python. What are packages, operators etc.
  • Control Flow Basics: What are loops, its disadvantages etc.
  • Functions: Structure of functions, its parameters etc.

Objective- To introduce the audience to advanced python programming to be used for machine learning techniques.

  • NumPy:Importance of NumPy, Array Creation, Data Types, Operations. Shape Manipulation, Boolean Indexing etc.
  • Pandas: Pandas Data Structures, Basic Functions on Data Frame. Indexing & Selecting Data, Data Manipulation/ Data Cleaning with different types of data inputs like CSV, JSON etc.

Objective- To learn advanced machine learning techniques

  • Decision Trees & Random Forest: Understanding decision trees, Random forest., Modeling using Random Forest
  • K-Nearest Neighbors: Understanding classification using nearest neighbor
  • Support Vector Machine: Introduction to Support Vector Machines, Classification with Hyperplanes etc.
  • Artificial neural network: Understanding deep learning and artificial neural networks.
  • Natural Language Processing: Introduction to NLP, sequence tagging, sentiment analysis
  • Computer Vision with Deep Learning: Introduction to CV with Deep learning, Face detection with deep learning etc.


Industry Projects (during bootcamp)-

  • Sentiment analysis on twitter
  • Loan default
  • Customer analytics

Capstone Projects (after bootcamp)-

  • Build a human face detector and counter
  • Hand digit Recognition
  • Predict if a DTH customer is going to churn
  • Diagnose breast cancer


  • Practice Exercises + Doubt Clearing + Answers

Learn from the Best

Jaydeep Chakraborty Data Science Expert

An innovator and creator at heart. He has 10+ years of experience in building analytical solutions & digital strategy for large organizations. Specialized in business transformation through analytics.

Gurleen Sabharwal Data Science Expert

After graduating from SRCC & DSE, she has worked for world's top consulting firms. She brings her passion for teaching & 10+ years of analytics implementation experience at Fortune 100 companies.


Srinivas Kopparapu is an internationally recognized faculty, with 31 years of industry experience. He is a Franklin Covey Certified faculty and an evangelist of Big Data, Hadoop, Mark Logic , Bitcoin & Python

Shishir Pal Marketing Analytics Expert

A graduate from IIT Kanpur, has a passion for telling stories from big data. He has built several innovative solutions on big data while working for some of the top consulting firms
in the world.

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