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PMP certification Guide
Mr. Vikrant


Vikrant is a professional Android Developer and has been successfully delivering various Android Apps development projects from IT industries. He also provides Android App Development training and conducts workshops for those who want to excel in this field. Not only this, a couple of Government-led android app projects have also been developed and led by Vikrant. 

Course Benefits

  • You’ll get to learn the basics of Android Studio and Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • The course will enable you to learn how to develop your own app and upload it easily in on Google Play Store
  • You’ll gain the capability to work with real-world applications
  • Blend your creativity with technical skills gained under this training session
  • Get skilled to earn a handsome financial boost



Why learn
Android App Development?

Android, no doubt is a leader in various mobile operating systems. With it’s easy to use interface, accessibility of apps and availability in smart phones, it has become extremely popular. Major apps run on Android smart phones today. Moreover, the tech giant, Google, keeps updating its applications and is widely increasing its accessibility across the globe, because of which the company is in dire need of skilled and smart programmers. The arena of Android Development hence emerges as one of those few professions that offer you ample of job opportunities and has massive scope in the times to come.
Our Android App Development Certification course is tailored to provide both basic as well as the advanced level of development skills aligned to the latest technological trends. You will be introduced to each and every concept, tools, and software used in android app development. 

Who should join Android App Development Certification Training Course?

All those individuals who have a flare for technology and anxiety to create their own app can join the App Development training course. 
  • Fresh College Graduates who want to build a career in mobile app development
  • Those who are in business and want to create an app for their company
  • Software developers and professionals from IT industry


The course starts ata beginner’s level so there is no specific requirementfor enrolling into this training program. However, knowledge of programming languages like JAVA and other basic languages will help you to understand the concepts better.

Course Contents

Module 1: Overview of Android and Android SDK
  • Features of Android
  • Android Architecture
  • Surface Manager
  • Applications of Android
  • Libraries Included in Android
  • System C library
  • Media Libraries
  • 3D libraries
  • LibWebCorelibrary
  • SGL
  • FreeType
  • SQL Lite
Module 2: Android Runtime Development
  • Developing First Android Application
  • How to install eclipse 
  • Run Application on Emulator
  • Debugging
  • Creating App for Mobile Devices


Module 3: Android Development Tools
  • DDMS Android Studio
  • Hierarchy Viewer
  • DDMS and log results
  • DDMS and simulating calls
  • DDMS and file upload/ download
  • DDMS and screenshots
  • How to make SD Card Images
  • Knowing Structure of Android Application
  • Starting and Creating Activity
Module 4: Activities Life Cycle
  • Understanding Phases of Activity Lifecycle
  • State of Activity
  • How to Program in Mobile Environment
  • Understanding Activity Life Cycle with Application


Module 5: User Interface
  • How to create user Interface and its components
  • Android ‘s view structure
  • Layouts
  • Built-in Views 
  • Handling Items
  • How to use widgets
  • Labels
  • Images
  • Buttons, Radio Buttons, and Check Buttons
  • Working with containers in Android
  • How to use Containers for security purpose
  • Constructing Menus
  • Option Menus
  • Creating Pop-up Message
  • Concepts and Properties
Module 6: Android User Interface Design
  • XML versus Java User Interface
  • Views (CardView,AutoCompleteTextView)
  • Layouts (FrameLayout, Table Layout, LinearLayout)
  • Android Units: Dips and SIPS
  • Event Handling
  • How to Handle User Events
Module 7: Advanced User Interface
  • Selection Of Components
  • Android Adapters
  • Menus (Context Menu, Pop-up menu)
  • Complex UI components
  • User Interface (Best Performance)
  • Dialogs
  • Graphics & Animations (Tween Animation, Frame Animation)
  • Working with Intents and pending Intents
  • How to Use Internet Resources
  • Creating an Earthquake Viewer Application
Module 8: Working With Threads
  • Handlers
  • Runnables
  • Running in Place
  • Messages
  • Other Utilities and Design issues
Module 9: Broadcast Receivers
  • Understanding Broadcast Receivers and their implementation
  • What are System Broadcast and how to use them
  • Creating Receiver
  • How to Register Broadcast Receivers
  • Android File System and saving file
  • Persistent storage in Android
  • Database
  • How to store and retrieve data
  • Content Provider Classes
  • File Management Tools
  • Saving and Loading Files
  • Including static files as Resources
  • Maps 
  • Google Maps Android API
  • Geo-coding
  • User’s Location
  • Background Threads
  • Display Toast In Android
  • Notifications and Alarms
  • Integrating Notifications
Module 10: Working With Telephones
  • Interaction with phones 
  • How to get telephonic information
  • Interacting with Messages, SMS, MMS
  • Monitoring Incoming/Outgoing Calls
Module 11: Working With Networking and Web Services
  • Networking: An overview
  • How to check network status
  • HTTP and Web Services
Module 12: Working With Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Search for Bluetooth device
  • Control and Manage Bluetooth connections
  • Communicating with Bluetooth 
  • Establishing connection with Bluetooth device
Module 13: Working With Multimedia
  • Multimedia and OpenCORE
  • Playing Audio/ Video
  • Video View
  • Media Player
  • Capturing Media items
Module 14: Intent Filters
  • Filters Role
  • Filters in your manifest
  • Understanding Intent-matching rules
Module 15: Networking Overview in Networking
  • Connectivity Manager
  • Mobile Data State Tracker and Wifi Manager
  • Interaction with Http Url Connection and Web View Client
  • Telephony framework
  • Handling Display
  • Graphics and Multimedia
  • Resolution and orientation handling
  • Resolution options – HVGA, SVGA, WVGA
  • Resolution and orientation aware Apps Include usage of remote layouts
  • Android Drawable and Nine patch Drawable
  • OpenGLES – Overview and usage
  • Application Framework for Graphics and Multimedia
  • Introduction to Audio Flinger
  • ALSA
Module 16: Sensors
  • Working of Sensor
  • Sensor Readings (Compass, Accelerometer)
  • Understanding practices that enhance performance
Module 17: WiFi
  • Monitor Internet Connections
  • Manage Active Connections
  • WiFi connections
Module 18: Telephony
  • How to make calls
  • Accessing phone Properties
  • Controlling data connectivity
  • Managing the phone
Module 19: Camera
  • Capture Pictures
  • Making Videos
  • Showing Previews


Module 20: Bluetooth
  • Discover Bluetooth devices
  • How to connect with Bluetooth
Module 21: TTS (Text-To-Speech Converter)
  • Understanding TTS basics
  • Working with TTS
  • How to convert Text to speech
Module 22: Project Implementation & Real Hands-On With Live Project
  • Creating Android project
  • Restful web service with Spring REST
  • Consuming of REST web services
  • Android Applications on Biometric and e-attendance system


I don’t have much knowledge of programming languages. Can I apply for the training?

Absolutely, the course is designed in a manner that individuals can apply for beginner’s level course.

What are career opportunities for an Android Developer?

Android is the only OS which has a very huge user base. Becoming an Android developer opens opportunities to various jobs.

What System Configurations are required to design an android app?

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and its tools are available free of cost. You can install software on Windows/Mac/ Linux OS and start developing your app.

Does the training include projects?

Yes. Our Android App Development Program includes practical training and projects for better understanding of the concepts.

Why should a beginner join this course?

80% of the market uses gadgets that run on Android. Opting for the Android App Development Training to build technical skills would be hence a right choice. 

Our members make ScholarsPro community

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Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta Freelancer
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Rakesh Alluwalia
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Participation and interaction were encouraged and content delivered was well organized. Very much satisfied.
Harpreet Kaur
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Rasul Mohamed
Rasul Mohamed Project Lead JIE
Singapore Refining Company Private Limited
I joined ScholarsPro for Project Management Professional (PMP). The course structure is very comprehensive, covering a wide range of aspects of Project Management like Mobile App, High-Quality videos, Study Materials and many more. Getting a job is never an easy task, especially in reputed organizations where the biggest challenge is having your CV being even considered. I have completed my Project Management Course. It was a great course. I got a lot to learn from it and I can also apply it to my daily work. Thanks ScholarsPro 
Loknathan A S
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Sulzer singapore pvt. ltd.
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Sanjay S. Khed
Sanjay S. Khed

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J. Muhunthan
J. Muhunthan

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Sanjay Narang
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Ivan Klenner
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K. Rajesh
K. Rajesh

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Yusran Ariffin
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TRX City Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

It’s a good place to learn, mainly the learning guidance is great. The course material provided is good, one can understand the codes and technical aspects well.  It is one the best platform to learn and get ahead, I enrolled for PMP self-paced and I am able to understand the concepts, also the learning support  is very good, they are always available to help and are prompt in returning your call, the consultants have deep knowledge, they guide you in the best possible way, thanks ScholarsPro!

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Ayush Sethi
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