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Neetu has 15+ years of experience both as a consultant and a trainer. She has dealt with various global projects and has worked as Program manager, Project manager, Business Analyst, and Technical Project Leader in the departments: telecommunication, Data Warehouse, IT, Healthcare and Human Resource. She is a leader as she handled various large projects and dealt with the industrial complications single handed. Moreover, she acquires the certification such as: PMP, PMI-Acp and PMP-RMP from the Project management Institute (PMI).  
She has conducted various successful training workshops in the Gulf region since 2008 both in enterprises and government organizations such as: Dubai First Gulf Bank, Nexgen Technologies, IBM, Abu Dhabi University, UBL and so on.

Course Benefits

  • Develop complete understanding of the purpose and context of combining the PRINCE2® and the agile way of working.
  • Understand the common working procedure of Agile.
  • Would be able to explain the suitable ways of working in the PRINCE2 Agile.
  • Would be able to evaluate and tailor the products of PRINCE2 to meet the expectations of the project
  • Understand the hacks of tailoring the range of the Agile frameworks, concepts, behaviours and techniques so that PRINCE2 themes could meet the needs of the Project.
  • Should be helpful in salary increment and add an advantage to your CV
  • Help you in building confidence to deal with the complex projects effortlessly.

Why to opt for PRINCE2 Agile Certification Training?

As we know that more than 80% of the projects has been dealt with the certified project managers and now the organizations ought to seek for something flamboyant in the nature of the project managers to process the projects smoothly. PRINCE2 Agile certification training has been designed to impart training that helps in understanding the way of agile work and how this could complement PRINCE2 so that it could satisfy the needs to the projects.
Through this training you would get the globally recognized qualification that will help you in developing the ability to implement the best practice approach so that the projects could be managed in the most efficient manner. The training improves your ability to analyze the project issues more efficiently and resolve them like a leader. However, you will develop an understanding of the agile concepts which gives you the flexibility to work on the projects with the ever-evolving solution. 
Here at ScholarsPro you will get the chance to learn the agile concepts through live projects under the supervision of the industry expert trainer, which will help you in understanding the concepts both theoretically and practically. Nevertheless, this PRINCE2 Agile certification training could give your career a kick start where you can earn more and valued more in your organization. 

Who should join
PRINCE2 Agile Certification Training?

This course is ideal for them who have taken any of the forndation or practitioner level exam:
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Project Executives / Project Engineers
  • Associate Project Managers / Assistant Project Managers
  • Software Professionals
  • Team Leads / Team Managers
  • Project Planners


  • One can only take the PRINCE2 Agile certification if he/she holds any of the following certifications:
  • PRINCE2 Foundation certification
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification
  • PMP 
  • CAPM
  • IMPA levels: A, B, C & D (Certified Project Director)  


Course Contents

An overview of the PRINCE2 Agile

An introduction to the PRINCE2 Agile


  • The Scrum Theory
  • understanding of Scrum Team
  • Know About the Scrum Events
  • What are Scrum Artifacts?
  • Know About Artifact Transparency


  • Learn About Visualize
  • What is Limit 'Work in Progress' (WIP)?
  • How to Manage the flow?
  • Making the policies explicit
  • Implementing the feedback loops
  • How to Improve collaboratively and evolve experimentally

Know About Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFDs)

The Kanban Hints

What is Lean Startup?


Blending the PRINCE2 and Agile

Recap of the PRINCE2

The Blending

  • How to blend and weave the PRINCE2 and agile on your projects?
  • Develop understanding of the constituent parts of PRINCE2 Agile
  • Know all the 8 guidance points upon which PRINCE2 Agile is based
Fix and Flex

Learn About the Fix and Flex - The Hexagon

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Scope
  • Risk
  • Benefits

Fix and Flex - The Five Targets

  • Be on time and hit deadlines
  • Protect the level of quality
  • Embrace change
  • Keep teams stable
  • Accept that the customer doesn't need everything.
  • Fix and Flex - Balance and Prioritisation
Areas of Particular Focus for PRINCE2 Agile

The Agilometer

  • Flexibility on what is delivered
  • Level of collaboration
  • Ease of communication
  • Ability to work iteratively and deliver incrementally
  • Advantageous environmental conditions
  • Acceptance of Agile

Requirements and User Stories

Rich Communication

  • What effective the communication is?
  • What are the best possible options available for communicating with the stakeholders?
  • How should you select the most effective means of communication for any of the given situation?

Agile Contracts

  • Issues faced while writing contracts in the agile environment
  • The methods of structuring contracts in the agile environment

Frequent Releases


Principles and Behaviours

Principles of PRINCE2

  • Importance of the principles of PRINCE2 in an agile context
  • How to apply the PRINCE2 principles to the agile project?

PRINCE2 Agile Behaviours

Applying PRINCE2 principles to the projects:

  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Rich Communication
  • Self-organization
  • Exploration
PRINCE2 Themes

Business Case Theme

  • Study about the general view of  Business Case within the agile environment
  • How to design the Business Case within the agile context

Organization Theme

Part- 1

  • Understanding the general view of the organization theme within the agile environment
  • Know the guidelines for different sizes of work
  • Learn about the delivery team

Part - 2

  • Understand the roles on the delivery team
  • What is servant leadership?
  • What are the different levels of the customer communication and input
  • Understand the working agreements

Quality Theme

  • Understand the common view of the Quality Theme within the agile environment
  • How to create the Quality Theme within the agile context
  • How to perform test
  • Understand the relationship between scope and quality on the agile project

Plans Theme

  • Understand the general view of the Plans Theme within the agile environment
  • How to create the Plans Theme within the agile context
  • Learn about the methods of estimating on the agile project

Risk Theme

  • Learn about the general view of the Risk Theme within the agile environment
  • Learn how to design the Risk Theme within the agile context

Change Theme

  • Learn about the common view of the Change Theme within the agile environment
  • How to design the Change Theme within the agile context
  • What is the feedback loop?
  • Progress Theme
  • Learn about thecommon view of the Progress Theme within the agile environment
  • How to create the Progress Theme within the agile context
  • Learn about the Burn Charts
  • Information Radiators
Tailoring PRINCE2 to the Project Environment
  • The Work Packages
  • Highlight Reports
  • Checkpoint Reports
PRINCE2 Processes

Agile and the PRINCE2 Processes

  • Where does the agile fits into the PRINCE2 process model
  • The process that the stage may be broken down (there are a variety of agile approaches)
  • Learn how the typical agile process fits in to the PRINCE2

Starting Up a Project (SU) and Initiating a Project (IP)

  • what all you may find in the agile context
  • What all you should do in the agile context
  • Does this look like in an agile context


Learn about the 5 domains within the Cynefin Framework:

  • Obvious
  • Complicated
  • Complex
  • Chaotic
  • Disorder

Directing a Project (DP)

  • What all you may find in the agile context?
  • What all you should do in the agile context?
  • How does this look like in the agile context?

Controlling a Stage (CS)

  • What all you may find in the agile context?
  • What all you should do in the agile context?
  • How does this look like in the agile context?


  • Learn how to distinguish them from product reviews
  • Understand how to use them to review the process with a view to improving it

Managing Product Delivery (MP)

  • What all you may find in the agile context?
  • What all you should do in the agile context?
  • How does this look like in the agile context?

Work Packages

Managing a Stage Boundary (SB)

  • What all you may find in the agile context?
  • What all you should do in the agile context?
  • How does this look like in the agile context?

Closing a Project (CP)

  • What all you may find in the agile context?
  • What all you should do in the agile context?
  • How does this look like in the agile context?
Transitioning to Agile

Learn how to use an agile specific Health Check and how it covers:

  • behaviours
  • Environment
  • Process
  • Techniques


What is PRINCE2 Agile?

PRINCE2 Agile is the most flexible and extensible project management framework in the industry these days. The learning in PRINCE2 Agile will help in developing the ability to deal with the projects in an agile way. Moreover, you would be able to grab some of the most amazing job opportunities around the globe along with the eye-catching salary package. This training is only for the practitioners.

How is PRINCE2 Agile training could benefit the career?

As this is the most demanded qualification, these days in the IT industry, you would be able to grab the most luring job opportunity and satisfy your career goals. Moreover, you would be able to perform the tasks more efficiently in your organization, which brings fame and increment.

What will a PRINCE2 Agile qualification do for me?

You would learn some of the most agile way that governs PRINCE2, some of them are:

  • Ability to adapt the change
  • Analyze the flaw quickly and maintain the level of quality
  • Manage the stakeholder’s expectation and a lot more

All these abilities make this practitioner training the most adequate and demanded one.


Which Countries recognize PRINCE2 Agile certification?

PRINCE2 Agile is the most extensive project management of the era, thus the organizations all over the world desire to get benefited with the agile way of project management so that their business would get benefited to the summit

How the PRINCE2 Agile is is superior from other project management certification courses?

As this is the newest and the frisky framework through which one can deal with the project issues of the IT industry very efficiently. Training in PRINCE2 Agile would make you understand the know-how of the framework so that you could use them while processing the project. However, this is a practitioner course and would help you in salary increment at a very swift pace.


Would online training be helpful?

Definitely, online training provides you the learning freedom, being a professional you have a tight schedule throughout the day. Online learning offers you the facility to access the modules anywhere, anytime and an expert supervision. E-Learning is the revolution in the education industry as this provides the quality education at candidate’s convenience.

Who should I contact if I want to know more about the PRINCE2 Agile course?

You can write us at info@scholarspro.com or can make a call on the number provided on the website (relevant to your country)

What facilities should I get, if I join ScholarsPro?

ScholarsPro offers the most adequate e-learning services; here are some of the highlights of the training facilities:

  • 24/7 access to the learning management system
  • 24/7 support via email
  • Expert mentorship from the qualified and experienced trainers.
  • Doubt clearning sessions
  • High quality videos easy to open on any gadget and a lot more.

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